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Place: Tartu, National Archives Noora building
Date: December, 21 2017, 13.00–19.00
Moderated by: Gregor Taul

There are almost half a hundred art works completed after the Commissioning of Art Works Act came into force six years ago with total cost of a 1.5 million euros. After the first "five-year-plan" one may draw now the first conclusions - how the act has affected the Estonian art and how it is positioned in the discourse of art history? One can ask provocatively, how much of the world art is not commissioned art? The conference addresses both Estonian percentage art and other artworks commissioned for the public space (urban installations festival LIFT11, different street art festivals, pilot project EV100 Good Public Space, etc).

The program will be announced soon. See you in Tartu!

The Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators

The Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators is a voluntary and independent professional union of individuals active in the areas of art theory, art history, art criticism and curatorship.
The Society was founded on 16th March 1993.

The predecessor of the Society was the section of art historians in the Estonian Artists' Union.

Since 2008, the Society is a member of the international association of art historians CIHA - Comité international d'histoire de l'art. The titular representative of Estonia at CIHA is Prof. Krista Kodres, seconded by Prof. Katrin Kivimaa.

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