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Annual seminar 2018
The society’s annual prize was awarded to Mari Laanemets, who curated in 2018 at Tallinn Art Hall exhibition „Abstraction as an Open Experiment“. The exhibition focused on the implementation and interpretation of abstractionism and abstract systems in contemporary art and art of the recent past. The exhibition explored the artistic practise which focuses on formal experiments and is based on radically simplified forms and a systematic approach.

Foto: Karel Koplimets

The Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators

The Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators is a voluntary and independent professional union of individuals active in the areas of art theory, art history, art criticism and curatorship.
The Society was founded on 16th March 1993.

The predecessor of the Society was the section of art historians in the Estonian Artists' Union.

Since 2008, the Society is a member of the international association of art historians CIHA - Comité international d'histoire de l'art.
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